ITomax Oy was founded in 2009 and it’s primary mission is the development, sales and marketing of the TOMAX ERP-solution.

TOMAX utilizes the latest Microsoft Windows .NET Framework, Internet and SQL database technologies in a service-oriented architecture. The solution greatly enhances the capabilities of the previous products, IS-Täsmä and IS-Euro, which were first introduced in 1994 to deliver information technology products and services to finnish companies. Tomax is targeted for manufacturing and project delivery companies at an international level.

We are an efficient and experienced team of professionals in the fields
of enterprise information systems, manufacturing and financial management.
We share an extensive experience in sales, project, manufacturing and import companies which brings vision and quality to our services.

Our business policy is best described as being open and informative. We aim to grow internationally which also brings benefits to our customers.

Tomax contains new and innovative solutions for the management of business processes and manufacturing. Tomax offers manufacturing companies the chance to increase the efficiency of their operations and to better implement their strategy.

Tomax is the right solution whether it is a small machine shop with basic customer
relationship management, work time follow-up and billing or a large manufacturing company with complicated projects, labor management, resource loading and material requirements. Tomax adapts to the company’s business processes, requirements and changes. Continuous product development and customer collaboration ensures that Tomax solution keeps up with the changing business environment.