Tomax ERP software. Results from knowledge!


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Competitive production demands a resource planning software. One that is comprehensive, effortless and efficicient. Our clients speak on our
behalf: Tomax is a superior tool from compiling an offer, all the way to delivery of a completed product and management reporting. It improves, not only production, but the overall performance of a company. Tomax software includes payrolls, accounting and invoicing, together with long-distance entries via mobile devices.

Flexibility is yesterday – Tomax complies with your needs. Diversity of our clients is self-evident to us. Products and processes vary, as do IT-capabilities and resources. Each one of our clients faces a different set of challenges. Therefore Tomax does not simply “flex” as much as is needed, but rather it is customized to precisely comply with your exact requirements. This goal is achieved together with our top notch companions, such as Finland’s number one accounting company, Pretax.